MedPACS was started in 1989 and was one of the first companies to develop software for PACS. Teleradiology applications followed and were initially offered on a DOS platform before PC’s were able to display images. This required the development of a special video card for medical imaging and included software based on ACR-NEMA 2.0 (predecessor to DICOM) that allowed a scanner to be connected to an archive or workstation. Eventually, these applications were migrated to the Windows 95 interface when that operating system was first introduced.

As the company progressed, other developments that took advantage of improvements in storage, display design and the Internet for image and report distribution were introduced. Based near Milwaukee and initially focused on the Midwest, MedPACS has grown to include hundreds of satisfied customers with installations all over the U.S.

MedPACS is an industry pioneer in:
- Direct image capture (non-frame grab) teleradiology systems.
- Graphical user interface (GUI) with pull-down menus.
- Low-cost web-based image distribution and display.
- All-spinning media archive solutions.
- Low-cost fee per study PACS.